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Opinions on deepening the reform of bidding and tendering for housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects in Nanjing
Release time: 2023-03-08 Information Source: Nanjing Bidding cloud network

(Revised in January 2023)

To further consolidate the main responsibility of the tenderer,We will improve the bidding business environment,We will support high-quality urban development,In accordance with the spirit of documents such as "Provisions on Projects that must be Tendering" (Order No. 16 of the National Development and Reform Commission) and "Guiding Opinions of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development on Further Strengthening the Supervision of Tendering and Bidding of Housing Construction and Municipal Infrastructure Projects" (Municipal Regulation No. 11 of 2019),Combined with the reality of our city,The following comments are hereby made on deepening the reform of tendering and bidding for housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects:

First, implement the main responsibility of the tenderer。Construction project bidding activities shall be the responsibility of the tenderer in accordance with law。The tenderer shall establish and improve the internal procedure control and decision-making restraint mechanism, independently decide to initiate the tender, choose the bidding agency, the qualification examination method and the representative of the tenderer, and encourage the use of remote and remote bid evaluation。The tenderer shall, in accordance with laws and regulations, scientifically and reasonably prepare the bidding documents and set the time limit, implement the cost guarantee of safe and civilized construction measures, and ensure the quality and safety of the project construction。

Second, standardize the construction project qualification review activities。The tenderer may independently choose to adopt pre-qualification or post-qualification according to the characteristics of the project。Large and above and technically complex projects can be pre-qualified using the limited number system。If the pre-qualification project has less than 9 qualified applicants due to the establishment of enterprises or project leaders who have undertaken similar engineering performance, the tenderer shall reduce the performance conditions of similar projects (the quantitative index shall not exceed 50%) or cancel the performance conditions of similar projects, and re-issue the bidding announcement after qualification examination。

Third, adjust the performance Settings of similar projects。For technically complex or medium-sized or above engineering projects and professional engineering projects without qualification requirements, the tenderee may, according to the characteristics of the project, set the performance of similar projects undertaken by the enterprise or project leader as the qualification examination qualification conditions。The quantity and scale of similar project performance quantitative indicators and the term of similar project performance shall be governed by the current provincial and municipal documents。

4. Standardize the bidding of general contract projects。It is suitable to adopt the general contracting method for projects with clear construction contents and mature technical schemes。In principle, the government investment project that adopts the general contracting method shall be contracted after the preliminary design (budget estimate) is approved。The form of the contract price shall be reasonably determined for the general contract project invested by the government。The construction unit and the general contractor of the project shall specify the scope of risk in the contract and reasonably determine the terms of price adjustment and measurement payment。In principle, the investment in construction shall not exceed the approved investment estimate。

5. Standardize prefabricated construction bidding activities。Prefabricated buildings refer to buildings that meet the relevant requirements in the basic provisions of the Comprehensive Assessment Standard for Prefabricated Buildings of Jiangsu Province (DB32/T3753-2020)。For the design and construction bidding of prefabricated building projects, the prefabricated assembly rate of concrete residential buildings reaches 60%, the prefabricated assembly rate of public buildings reaches 55%, and the prefabricated steel structure residential buildings and prefabricated wood structure buildings reach 80%, invitation bidding can be adopted。The tenderer shall give priority to inviting units with similar engineering achievements of prefabricated buildings to participate in the bidding。

Sixth, improve the reasonable low price method of bid evaluation。For construction projects that adopt the post-qualification review method and use the reasonable low price method to evaluate bids,When more than 80 bidders meet the basic requirements of qualification, bid security, construction period, quality standards and bid quotation in the bidding documents,Bidders meeting the basic requirements should be ranked first according to the offer price,Remove 20% of the high price (round to round),All quotations of the same price are removed) and 20% of the lower price (round up,Quote the same are removed) after,Calculation of the average price A (The average price A shall not change due to any objection, complaint or other circumstances of the parties to the bidding and tendering,Except for calculation errors),At the time of bid opening, one method is randomly selected from the following two methods to calculate the benchmark price of bid evaluation,Then the bidders who meet the basic requirements of the bid price deviation from the benchmark price are calculated and sorted。If the bid price is 1% lower than the benchmark bid price, the deduction value shall not be less than 0.6 points, each 1% higher deduction value is 1 of the negative deviation deduction.5 times;If the deviation is less than 1%, the score will be calculated according to the insertion method。Conduct qualification review and business bid review for the top bidders,The bidder that passes the evaluation shall be the first candidate for winning the bid,Any bid that fails to pass the evaluation shall be rejected as invalid;Then the second ranked bidder qualification review and business bid review,And so on,Until the number of successful candidates meeting the requirements of the bidding documents is produced。

Method 1: Benchmark bid evaluation price =A×K, K value is randomly selected by the representative elected by the bidder at the time of bid opening, and the value of K value ranges from 95% to 98%。

Method 2: Bid evaluation benchmark price =A×K1×Q1+B×K2×Q2,The bidding control price is B,Q2=1-Q1,Q1 ranges from 65% to 85%.The value of K1 ranges from 95% to 98%.Q1 and K1 values shall be randomly selected by the representatives elected by the bidders at the time of bid opening。The value range of K2 is 90%~100% for construction engineering, 88%~100% for decoration and installation, 86%~100% for municipal engineering, 84%~100% for landscaping engineering, and 88%~100% for other engineering.K2 is specified by the tenderer in the bidding documents。

7. Increase the weight of credit evaluation and review factors。For construction projects that adopt comprehensive evaluation method, the weight of enterprise credit evaluation factors is adjusted from 4%-6% to 6%-8%。The weight of enterprise credit evaluation factors is adjusted from 3%-4% to 4%-5% for the supervision projects with comprehensive evaluation method。The specific score value shall be specified by the tenderer himself in the bidding documents。The increase in credit evaluation factors shall be deducted from the corresponding bid quotation points。

8. Adjust the contracting methods of construction projects below the scale standard。The construction project below the scale standard refers to the small construction project invested by state-owned funds which belongs to the scope of bidding which must be carried out according to law but cannot reach the scale standard stipulated by the state。Contracting out construction projects below the scale standard of government investment and implementing government procurement policies;Other construction projects under the scale standard of state-owned capital investment are no longer determined by the contractor through the municipal public resources trading platform, and the project construction unit will issue a contract on its own。Encourage tenderers to award contracts to small and medium-sized construction enterprises。

9. Strengthen supervision of market behavior of bidding agencies。Strictly implement the "Nanjing Construction Project Bidding Agency Credit Management Interim Measures", strengthen the supervision of bidding agency daily market behavior, establish a "double random, one open" inspection mechanism, to ensure the authenticity and timeliness of credit evaluation information。The construction unit shall take the credit status of the bidding agency as an important reference for selecting the bidding agency。

10. Strengthen the management of bid evaluation experts in the comprehensive expert database。Strictly put the bid evaluation experts in the area of the initial audit, strengthen the selection of bid evaluation experts supervision, implement the evaluation system of "one bid, one evaluation" of bid experts, and seriously investigate and punish the bid evaluation experts who have illegal behaviors according to law and regulations。We will explore the establishment of a more scientific, standardized and supervised bid evaluation expert management mechanism。

十一、强化合同履约管理。Strengthen the "two" linkage between the construction market and the construction site, and incorporate the performance behavior into the credit evaluation。If the tenderer and the successful tenderer do not perform their obligations according to the contract, the bad behavior of bidding and bidding shall be identified, and the closed-loop supervision of the whole process of project construction shall be promoted。

The large and above projects and technologically complex projects referred to in this opinion shall be subject to the provisions of the current provincial and municipal documents。

If the documents are inconsistent with these Opinions before the implementation of these Opinions, these Opinions shall prevail。

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