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Nanjing issued electronic bidding documents for procurement of standard equipment (materials)
Release time: 2023-03-03 Information Source: Jiangsu Tendering and Bidding public Service Platform

On the occasion of the implementation of the new "Jiangsu Province Tendering Regulations" on March 1, Nanjing also ushered in the launch of the new template of electronic bidding documents for goods bidding projects。2023年2月1日,南京市发展改革委印发《关于启用<南京市标准设备采购招标文件><南京市标准材料采购招标文件>的通知》(宁发改法规字〔2023〕69号),明确新范本自2023年3月1日起实施。

The purpose and significance of using the new template

First, standardize the preparation of bidding documents,Improve the quality and efficiency of documentation;Second, the tenderer is fully endowed with autonomy,Prepare bidding documents according to the actual situation and needs of the project;The third is to delete the provisions of the original bidding documents on the content of charges,Reduce the transaction costs of market entities;The fourth is to increase service guidance language and legal prohibitions,To facilitate market entities to carry out bidding work in accordance with laws and regulations。

Second, the revision process of the new template

The revision of the new template is mainly carried out from the following aspects:

First, strictly cite national requirements。The new template is based on the "Bidding Documents of the People's Republic of China Standard Equipment Procurement" (2017 edition) and the "Bidding Documents of the People's Republic of China Standard Material Procurement" (2017 edition), which implements the latest relevant work requirements of the state and provinces and cities, and reflects the practical work of Nanjing electronic bidding and bidding。

Second, we should fully discuss and pool our ideas。From the second half of 2022,Led by the Municipal Development and Reform Commission Law Department (Bidding Management Office),Municipal government Office public resources trading management Office, municipal public resources trading center of goods resources, information department, software development company related staff more than 10 thematic research,Consider and discuss the specific terms repeatedly,Easy to write,The revision will be completed in January 2023。
Third, solicit opinions from all sectors。In the process of revision, the opinions of the Municipal Construction Commission and other bidding administrative supervision departments have been consulted for many times, and the suggestions of the tenderer, the bidding agency and the bidder's representative have been listened to, and the legal adviser of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission has conducted a legal review to ensure the legality, compliance and standardization of each clause。

Fourth, update system functions synchronously。The use of the new template was supported by the software company, and the update of the trading system and the bidding document making tool was completed within a very short time after the template was finalized。The parties concerned can log in the "Notice and Announcement" column of the portal website of Nanjing Development and Reform Commission to download the PDF version of the bidding document, or log in the "Download Center - Tool software" of Nanjing public resources trading platform to download the production software and tools for free。

Third, the overall structure of the new template

The new model consists of three volumes and six chapters, which are Chapter 1 bidding announcement (public and invitation), Chapter 2 Instructions to bidders, Chapter 3 bid evaluation methods (comprehensive evaluation method, minimum bid price method after review), chapter 4 contract terms and format, chapter 5 supply requirements, and chapter 6 bid document format。

4. Requirements for the use of the new template

The new model is applicable to the equipment, materials and other goods projects related to engineering construction that Nanjing must tender according to law。

First, the tenderer shall strictly implement the requirements of the Notice on Issuing five Standard Bidding Documents such as "Standard Equipment Procurement Bidding Documents" (Development and Reform Regulations (2017) No. 1606), and prepare bidding documents in combination with the specific characteristics and actual needs of the bidding project。

The second is to support and promote the reasonable and standardized application of credit information in tendering and bidding activities, encourage the tenderer to incorporate credit factors into the qualification requirements and bid evaluation criteria, and include the bidder's credit rating report and other credit information into the scope of publicity of the successful candidate。

Third, electronic bidding projects will not charge for bidding documents, and market players can use the project goods trading system and the tool software that are updated simultaneously with the new template free of charge。

Fourth, to carry out bidding activities, in principle, should adopt electronic methods。



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