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The 8th "Member Unit Open Exchange Day" of China Tendering and Bidding Association was successfully held in Chengdu
Time: 2023-04-20 Information Source: China Recruitment Association Secretariat

The 8th "Member Unit Open Exchange Day" activity site of China Recruitment Association

Delegates pose for a group photo

On April 13, the eighth "Member Unit Open Exchange Day" of China Tendering Association initiated by China Tendering Association (hereinafter referred to as China Tendering Association) and hosted by Sichuan International Tendering Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Sichuan Tendering) was successfully held in Chengdu。Song Hang, Wang Li, Vice President of China Recruitment Association, Chen Qi, Deputy Secretary General Liu Jie, Tong Wei, President of Sichuan Public Resources Trading Association attended the event。Zhang Hong, chairman of Sichuan Recruitment, gave a welcome speech and made a keynote speech。Chuanzhao general manager Zhang Fan, customer director Wang Yu to make a keynote speech。Sichuan recruitment board secretary Du Yuchen presided over the meeting。41 representatives from 25 China Recruitment Association member units participated in the activity。

Chairman Zhang Hong first delivered a welcome speech, on behalf of Sichuan Zhaozhao to the guests and representatives of the participants of the warm welcome, thank China Zhaozhao Association for providing enterprises with valuable exchange and learning platform。She said that this year, Sichuan is recruiting human governance enterprise management system 2.When version 0 is reinvented,Ten years ago, the China Recruitment Association held the "Exchange Seminar on the construction and development of corporate culture in the field of bidding and bidding" in Sichuan and awarded the first "Research and Practice Base of bidding and Procurement culture" to enterprises in the industry,Once again, the important activities of the association were arranged to be held in Sichuan,It is the pleasure of the enterprise,It is also a rare opportunity to learn from outstanding peers。She hoped that the participants would fully collision ideas, share experience, learn from each other, accelerate transformation and upgrading, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, continue to improve core competitiveness, and make new contributions to the high-quality development of the bidding and procurement industry in the new era。

In his speech at the meeting, Secretary-General Chen Qi pointed out that the "Member Units Open Exchange Day" activity of the China Recruitment Association has been successfully held for seven periods since it was first held in 2018。The organizers of each event have distinct corporate characteristics and strong core competitiveness,Fully demonstrated the enterprise transformation and upgrading experience and results,Activities through exchanges and mutual learning,Not only inspire each other,It has also led to a lot of business cooperation and resource sharing,It really realized the original intention and value of the activity initiated by the China Recruitment Association。This event focuses on "Strengthening cultural self-confidence.,Cultivate Sichuan recruitment brand,"Empowering Enterprise Development" theme,It provides a useful reference for promoting the transformation and upgrading of industry enterprises and high-quality development,I hope you will have full exchanges, in-depth thinking and a worthwhile visit,And continue to pay attention to and support the Open Day activities as always,Jointly build it into a golden card for the bidding and procurement industry to set up a typical demonstration, exchange practical experience, aggregate brand potential energy, and accumulate momentum for development。She said that in the next step, the China Recruitment Association will strengthen the positive publicity of the tendering and bidding system, and guide the whole society and the whole industry to correctly understand and play the important role of the tendering and bidding system。同时,Will be in the "bidding and bidding Law" revision, public bidding and procurement system research, public resources trading platform innovation integration, electronic bidding and procurement national and industry standardization construction, state-owned enterprises bidding and procurement digital transformation research, bidding and procurement professional capacity building, industry credit evaluation, industry investigation and research and professional consulting services,Give full play to the resources of member units and experts,Listen carefully to everyone's opinions and suggestions,For the member units to build more research practice, display promotion and publicity and communication platform,Mobilize the whole industry,Jointly promote and lead the industry to standardize, green, digital and sunny direction。

In the theme sharing session, Chairman Zhang Hong made a keynote speech on the theme of "To create a common American long-term doctrine, Live out the vitality of the agency"。She combined the exploration and practice of the enterprise in the past 21 years, and shared the values and methodology of Chuanzhao。This includes insisting on "virtue as the foundation.,Start from me "core concept," people-oriented,Daye Honglu "root method" and "seed engineering" (12651 growth loop) three unwavering;Establish a two-way guarantee system of "professional strength + cultural strength" : guided by culture,Complete the molding of people, governance of enterprises, industrial development;Via professional escort,Realize that people have no I have, people have my excellent, people excellent I create;In customer service adhere to the "beginning to end, end to start" fundamental cognition,Adhere to long-termism,Committed to mutual development and win-win industry。She also incorporates the Sichuan recruitment cultural system from giving living tissue life to 1.Version 0 to empower the inner and outer ecology of 2.The upgrade and evolution of version 0 share the exploration of humanistic enterprise in Sichuan Recruit 20 years and the thinking and practice in the organic life operation mode of enterprises。She said that standing in the new era window, Sichuan Recruitment will explore more possibilities for the high-quality development of enterprises through the empowerment of culture, professionalism, organization and numerical intelligence。Finally, she issued an initiative to the industry to jointly build a good development ecology of the industry - to cultivate the industry ecology, learn from each other's excellent culture, share professional expertise, and cultivate symbiotic soil。

General Manager Zhang Fan made a keynote speech on the topic of "Professional empowerment, Stimulating the development of agencies"。He began with professional empowerment among the four major empowers of Sichuan Recruitment, expounded the in-depth thinking of professional connotation of Sichuan Recruitment, combined with the practice of professional empowerment in corporate strategy, talent and innovation, and shared the enterprise's talent view and business innovation points。For example, in combination with the requirements of professional talents in the new era, the Sichuan recruitment version of the "talent model" is built from the aspects of talent portrait, training, output, application, etc., and the emphasis is on virtue in employing people, not only the qualifications and certificates, but also the diligent study, the ability to speak, the ability to write, the good thinking, and the quick action。Another example is business innovation,Actively build a comprehensive service platform of "whole-process engineering consulting + whole-process government procurement services + finance + big data",Take the initiative to explore a new professional consulting business model of "(system construction + normative inspection of procurement procedures + contract inspection + audit consulting) + bidding and procurement agent",And vigorously promote service innovation, form innovation and "+" innovation。He pointed out that the road to specialization, the road is long and the road is long, only do not forget the original heart, the search up and down, perseverance, can accumulate small wins into big wins。At the same time, professional and culture are inseparable, "professional + culture" is not only the current innovation of Chuanzhao, but also the future insistence。

Director Wang Yu made a keynote speech on the topic of "From professional + culture, Exploring the whole process of government procurement Service"。He introduced the background and origin of the whole process of government procurement service proposed by Sichuan recruitment,The organizational model, the whole process of budget decision-making and the whole process of budget implementation of the consulting service are further expounded,Share the enterprise in doing the traditional government procurement agency business at the same time,Through the "government procurement +" model in the whole process of government procurement consultation made exploration and achieved results,For example, promoting "government procurement + procurement demand management" and launching "1+N" menu services。He pointed out that while thinking about the development of procurement agents in the whole process, enterprises can not stop at a facet of understanding, but should pay attention to the intersection of different industries。To the whole process management as the goal, to build the whole process of government procurement system, explore the integration of multiple formats, continue to join hands with other industries, cross-industry integration of resources, in-depth cooperation between channels and industries, and actively explore the whole process of government procurement consulting services。

Deputy Secretary-General Liu Jie made a concluding speech。He expressed his sincere thanks to Sichuan Recruitment for its careful preparation, warm reception, thoughtful arrangement and selfless sharing for the successful holding of the event. He believed that the event had a distinctive theme, innovative ideas, warm exchanges and full of dry goods, and had achieved the expected results and achieved a complete success。He said that in the next step, the China Recruitment Association will continue to improve the service level, innovate the service model, create more opportunities for members to learn and exchange, and build the open exchange Day into an important platform for the industry to establish new models, absorb new ideas, and accumulate new momentum。I hope you will continue to pay attention to and support the work of the China Recruitment Association, gather together, adhere to innovation, live together, share, and win-win, and create a better future for the bidding and procurement industry。

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