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  Nanjing Ruihai Public Management Research Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Ruihai Company") was established in June 2004, and its office is located in Room D3-1109, Greenland Window, No. 7 Meixiang Road, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing。It is positioned as a professional social third party investigation, evaluation and supervision,He is committed to the research of credit evaluation in the field of public fund transactions,Including public funds bidding, state-owned assets transfer, land use rights auction, listed companies growth and financial normative evaluation,And public governance professional studies,That is, research on social hot issues involving public interests。

  Our advantages and highlights are mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

First, created the first evaluation of bidding activities - bidding credibility evaluation
  In 2004, the leading group of Nanjing Governing the City according to Law initiated the project of credibility evaluation of bidding,Our center undertakes this subject,After that, the expert group formed by Nanjing City governing according to law leading group demonstrated the formation of bidding credibility evaluation standard system,It was certified by China Tendering and Bidding Association in 2007,Form the Bidding Credibility Rating Standard (3N Standard)。
  As a third-party professional organization, our company evaluates the credibility of bidding activities according to the "Bidding Credibility Rating Standard (3N Standard)", and provides suggestions for further promoting and improving the transparency, standardization and efficiency of the bidding work of the tenderer。
  Since its inception in June 2004,A total of more than 3,000 projects have been evaluated,It involves the transportation, urban construction, water conservancy, electric power and other industries nationwide,The key projects in Nanjing were evaluated,Including Nanjing Yangtze River Third Bridge, Nanjing Yangtze River Fourth Bridge, Southern New City and Nanjing Metro project and other key projects in the city。In the process of carrying out the evaluation, the Nanjing Municipal Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Political and Legal Committee, the China Bidding and Tendering Association, the Ministry of Communications and other relevant departments supported and helped, and aroused the attention and reports of the media such as Half-Month Talk, Nanjing Daily, Economic Observer, China Government Procurement Daily, and 21st Century Business Herald。
  In 2005, Nanjing Metro Corporation, recommended by the Office of Nanjing Municipal Leading Group for the Rule of Law, introduced Ruihai Company as a social third-party professional supervision organization to implement "credibility evaluation" scoring (percentage system) on Nanjing Metro project bidding and bidding, and participated in the whole process of bidding and bidding supervision。In 2011, Nanjing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection conducted a survey on Nanjing Metro's initiative to introduce Ruihai Company,The investigation concluded that the practice of Nanjing subway,We have promoted the establishment of a regulatory system that integrates evaluation, disclosure and supervision of bidding and tendering,Promote the improvement of Nanjing metro bidding integrity supervision system,And the practice of Nanjing metro is affirmed,Promote and learn from。

2. Since its establishment, the company has carried out a number of surveys and studies in the field of public management:
  1. Public affairs research
  2008年起,We have carried out investigations and studies on hot issues in public governance, such as the reform of the college entrance examination system, the reform of the drug distribution system, and the burden of household electricity prices,Has released the "National Power Project bidding openness Standard series Evaluation", "Jiangsu 2008 College Entrance Examination new plan Social Survey Report", "Drug Price Reduction Still need to move forward - Nanjing Drug Price Survey Report",It has attracted great attention from the major media and relevant provincial and municipal authorities。
  2. Participate in local legislation
  (1) Participate in the legislative process of the "Nanjing Municipal Government Investment Project Bidding Supervision and Management Measures" drafted by Nanjing Municipal Supervision Bureau and National Development and Reform Commission。
  (2) Entrusted by Nanjing Goods Office to draft the "Measures for the Identification and Treatment of Bad Behaviors in Nanjing Tendering and Bidding" and organize research and demonstration。The measures were promulgated and implemented in 2017。
  3. Commissioned to conduct research
  (1) At the invitation of Nanjing Tendering and Bidding Association, wrote the article "Problems existing in the development process of China's PPP model and Countermeasures", which won the first prize of Nanjing Tendering and Bidding Association paper collection;
  (2) Responsible for the implementation of the assessment and management of the "rule of law districts and counties" carried out by the Office of Nanjing Leading Group for the Rule of Law, and the related research work of the "Social Evaluation questionnaire for the rule of law construction in Nanjing";
  (3) Participate in the formulation of national bidding agent credit evaluation standards organized by the China Recruitment Association, and serve as the main drafting work;
  (4) Entrusted by the Office of the Municipal Leading Group for the Administration of Law to evaluate the performance of the website construction of thirteen districts and counties in Nanjing;
  (5) Commissioned by China Tendering and Bidding Association to carry out research on "Construction of credit system in tendering and bidding industry"。
  4. Publish papers
  (1) Published several papers in "Architecture", a large comprehensive authoritative journal of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development for the national construction industry, "China Highway", a core journal of the Ministry of Transport, and "China Tendering and Bidding" sponsored by the China Tendering and Bidding Association;
  (2) In cooperation with China Highway, the core journal of the Ministry of Transport, the "National Highway Bidding Openness Evaluation Ranking" was published for three consecutive periods, which was highly valued by the Ministry of Transport and provincial transportation departments;
  (3) Invited by Nanjing Tendering and Bidding Association, wrote the article "Problems in the development process of China's PPP model and Countermeasures", which won the first prize of Nanjing Tendering and Bidding Association paper collection。

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